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Garden Tools &

Greenhouse Supplies

Every garden no matter how big or small needs tools.
We carry simple yet functional hand tools and supplies for the backyard garden and greenhouse.

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Benches, Gliders, & Outdoor Furnishings

What better way to spend your day than on a bench, glide, table bar, or couch enjoying your backyard paradise with family and friends.
Relax, you earned it!

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Cool drinks, good friends, and a warm fire. What could be better?

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Napping on a warm summer day after a rewarding day of garden work. Yes Please!


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Check out some of our favorite products and items
from top suppliers and stores

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Noble Worm Organics 10 lbs. Worm Casting Soil

10 lbs. Noble Worm Organics is both proud and pleased to announce its long-awaited Noble Worm Soil Remedy. A natural product from Mother Nature’s original gardener…..

Tumbleweed 77 L Worm Cafe Compost Worm Farm Starter Kit

Tumbleweed’s Worm Cafe is the ultimate worm farm for indoor or outdoor use. With a sleek new design and clever features, the Worm Cafe turns organic waste into rich worm castings…. 

TOJA GRID 8 ft. x 8 ft. Hammock Kit 2-Person for 6×6 Wood Posts

The answer to your lounging needs, a relaxing 2 Person Hammock Kit is a modern approach to style & design. Our Hammock Kit is perfect for any outdoor living space and can hold up to 500lbs of evenly distributed weight. Color: Black.

OKLAHOMA JOE’S Bronco Charcoal Drum Smoker Grill in Black

The OKLAHOMA JOE’S Bronco Drum Smoker is a heavy-duty workhorse with a focus on customization and precision. Its movable cooking grate and additional meat hangers let you create your ideal setup….

CASAINC Gray Reclining Platic Adirondack Chair (Set of 2)

A classic, Adirondack chairs are a must-have for porches, patios, poolsides, backyard, and any other outdoor retreat. Bring the beach to your home with this colorful Adirondack Lounging Chair.

DIG Complete Drip Kit for Rain Barrel Irrigation (for 50 Plants)

DIG’s GF100 Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation Kit is a complete kit designed for a gravity feed or garden hose system. The kit includes all the parts needed to install a drip irrigation system to water…. 

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